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Our company is already known for the last 12 years as an important designer and producer for export of new and rebuilt-and-modernized machine
tools, especially vertical boring mills, horizontal lathes and horizontal boring mills, standard and CNC and import of subassemblies and components
of machine tools – such as electrical and hydraulic equipment, or CNC equipment.

Recently our company has developed a new activity as system integrator of GE FANUC CNC units with our mechanical parts for machine tools and
delivering of complete CNC vertical boring mills, plano millers, gantry mills, traveling column milling machines or horizontal boring mills.
The company is using the facilities of one of the workshops of the previous IMUAB, the biggest machine tools factory in Romania.

Our last product, is represented by the new line of vertical turning lathes with vertical GE FANUC AC brushless engine, with vertical „ZF” German
gearbox and with tooth-belt final transmision. Speed of our new VTL-s / VBM-s can be by 30%-50 % higher as our former machines’ of the same sizes.

Our company is currently in a position to offer the following machinery, own-manufactured:
– all types of horizontal boring and milling machines (HBM-s):
– table type conventional HBM-s of 105 mm. bar;
– table type CNC HBM-s of 105 – 127 – 130 – 150 mm. bar;
– floor type CNC HBM-s of 105 – 127 – 130 – 150 mm. bar;
– T type CNC HBM-s of 105 – 127 – 130 – 150 mm. bar;
– bed-type CNC milling machines;
– traveling-column CNC milling machines;
– CNC machining centers;
– CNC gantry mills;
– conventional and CNC vertical turret lathes of 1200 to 4000mm. table diameter;
– conventional and CNC vertical turning lathes of 1200 to 4000mm. table diameter;
– CNC vertical boring mills of 1200 to 4000mm. table diameter.

The machine tools we offer are equipped with:
– lubrication systems supplied by „I.L.C.” / „DROPSA” (ITALY);
– hydraulic components supplied by „ATOS” (ITALY) / „BOSCH-REXROTH”
– electrical components supplied by „SCHNEIDER-TELEMECANIQUE” / „SIEMENS” /
– drives & CNC units supplied by „GE FANUC” / „SIEMENS” / „HEIDENHAIN”;
– measurement systems supplied by „HEIDENHAIN” or „NEWALL” (ENGLAND).

We are also involved in the modernized and rebuild the second-hand machine tools and we are able to offer either as-are or rebuilt machine tools.

Our experience and background represent the solid assets that we rely on, aiming at a regular program of deliveries of reliable and competitive machine tools, all over the world.
Enlarged range of machinery, made by more and more skilled specialists, to higher-and-higher quality level – this is what we are ready to propose to the machine tools specialized companies in USA, Great Britain, Canada, BeNeLux, South East Asia, Germany, Scandinavian Area, France, Australia a.s.o.

Our recent deliveries were directed to various clients all over the world:
– a CNC vertical turning lathe „TVL 12/1400 CNC/ATC-12” was delivered to an aircraft company in Miami (Florida, U.S.A.);
– other two CNC vertical turning lathes „TVL 12/1400 HG CNC/ATC-12″ were delivered to”TURBOMECANICA TCMP” Bucharest, subsidiary of the „GENERAL ELECTRIC AIRCRAFT ENGINES” Lean / MA. USA, an aircraft company in Bucharest (Romania), and we have an order from the same client for other four similar machines;
– a CNC vertical turret lathe „TVL 20/2150 CNC/ST” was delivered to a company in Campina (Romania) cutting gears;
– a CNC horizontal boring mill (table-type, model „AF 127 HLX CNC ATC 40”) was delivered to a company in St. John’s (Newfoundland, Canada);
– a CNC horizontal boring mill (T-type, model „AFC 130 HLX CNC ATC 40”) was delivered to a company in Singapore.

We are currently working on several CNC vertical turning lathes, CNC heavy duty lathes and CNC special boring and drilling machines for an aircraft company.

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